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A.H.Satellite Systems is a leading


·         Distributor   

·         System Integrator 

 in the field of satellite TV.


History and Past Experience

We was founded in 2000 and has its premises in San Carlos *Ibiza. Its outstanding expertise and experience in the field of satellite TV has been proven by the successful completion of many contracts with satellite operators and satellite service providers.


AS a Distributor

As business partner of world class manufacturers we are able to supply almost all components and devices required for a satellite TV system. Please refer to our products section for further details.


As a System Integrator

With our team of qualified engineers we are in a position to carry out, equipment modifications, supplements or equipment service in order to meet all customer requirements and specifications.

Our customers can rely on our profound knowledge of products available on the market. We expressly invite you to contact us if you have technical questions or if you require consultancy for a proper equipment selection.